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Lancaster Man Wins $25,000 Prize

Photo of David Kanning

It was just another work day for David Kanning of Lancaster. He stopped at one of his usual stops and decided to a buy a Kansas Lottery ticket like he does once or twice a week. This time, though, he had to make a trip to Topeka to claim his $25,000 win on the $5 “Day of the Dead” instant ticket! 

“I play once a twice a week here or there. This time I only bought the one ticket,” Kanning said. “I got out to my truck and decided to scratch it off there before leaving in case I won something.” 

Kanning said he didn’t believe what he was seeing at first when playing the game. “I just kept scratching off winning spots! $1,000 here, a 5X symbol there,” Kanning added with a laugh. “By the time I counted up all the winning symbols, I realized I had won a big prize!” 

After verifying that his ticket was indeed a top prize winner, Kanning had to start making plans to come to Topeka around his work schedule. He says he signed the ticket and put it in a safe place until he was able to come into the Lottery offices. 

Kanning says they aren’t sure what they’re going to do with the money yet, but he has a good idea of where some of it will go. “I have some grandkids that are in need of being spoiled!” he added.

 The winning ticket was sold at Quick Stop West at 1701 Main Street in Atchison. There is still one top prize left in the $5 Day of the Dead instant game, as well as thousands in other cash prizes and a second-chance drawing with more information found here

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