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Three Winning Tickets, Two Lucky Players, One Super Kansas Cash Jackpot

Three Winning Tickets, Two Lucky Players, One Super Kansas Cash Jackpot

It’s been a whirlwind for two Kansas Lottery players, as they have come forward to claim their respective portions of the Super Kansas Cash jackpot that was hit on Monday, May 3! The jackpot amount was $2,043,273, and each of the three winning tickets is worth $681,091!

One person came forward to first claim one-third of the jackpot earlier in the week, but eventually found a second ticket with the same winning numbers, nabbing another portion of the jackpot! The winner, who chose to remain anonymous, shared that they didn’t realize they had a second winning ticket until the night after they claimed their first prize, and found it when looking through their pile of other Kansas Lottery tickets at home.

“I couldn’t believe my luck!” the winner said. “I had purchased a second ticket with my numbers just in case my first ticket didn’t cover that drawing. I’m so happy I did!”

The winner is from Johnson County and they purchased their tickets at Queen’s Price Chopper 6 at 7201 W. 151st Street and Cosentino’s Market 425 at 8051 W. 160th Street, both located in Overland Park.

Another person who claimed their portion of the pot is from Jefferson County, and the ticket was sold at Petro Valley Falls at 1420 Hwy K-4 in Valley Falls. The winner also chose to remain anonymous.

For selling the winning tickets, the retailers, if eligible, will split the $1,000 selling bonus.

Super Kansas Cash is a Kansas-only game, with drawings held every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. The next drawing will be Saturday, May 15, with a jackpot of $140,000. Tickets start at just $1 for two plays. 

The Kansas Lottery is now taking appointments for in-person claims. If you would like to claim a prize of $600 or higher in person, please contact claims.appointment@kslottery.net with your name, phone number, prize amount, and preferred day and time. To see more information about the requirements of claiming a prize in person, please click here.

Players are invited to submit all their winning and non-winning tickets in the Kansas Lottery PlayOn® Players Loyalty program to earn points for drawing entries and a chance to win cash and other prizes! PlayOn® is a registered trademark of Pollard Banknote Limited used under license.