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Roeland Park Player Hits $20,000 Top Prize

Angelica Jones

Angelica Jones of Roeland Park is a dedicated Kansas Lottery crossword player. That dedication paid off with a $20,000 top prize playing the $2 Double Bonus Crossword instant scratch game!

 “I love crossword games. I play them every week,” Jones said. “I like to take my time when I play them because it helps calm me down and gives me a task to focus on. I love playing them!”

 Jones was with her boyfriend at the convenience store when she decided to get a few tickets. “I bought four of the $2 crossword tickets, and we took them home to play. It was the third ticket where I realized I kept getting words. I didn’t know how many I had until after I finished playing, but I knew it was a lot!”

 “My boyfriend was taking a nap on the couch before work, but I couldn’t contain how excited I was,” Jones said with a laugh. “I woke him up to show him the ticket, and just started going crazy!”

 “I know that anytime is a good time to win, but this is such a blessing for us. It couldn’t have come at a better time,” Jones added. “We’ll be able to pay off debts and get caught up with everything. It will make a huge impact on our lives.”

 The winning ticket was sold at QuikTrip 373R on 1607 East Lincoln in Wichita. There are still 23 top prizes left in the $2 Double Bonus Crossword instant scratch game, as well as thousands in other cash prizes!

 Players are invited to submit all their winning and non-winning tickets in the Kansas Lottery PlayOn® Players Loyalty program to earn points for drawing entries and a chance to win cash and other prizes!  PlayOn® is a registered trademark of Pollard Banknote Limited used under license.