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Kingman Man “Strikes It Rich” With $100,000 Prize!

Photo of Ricky Detlepsen

Ricky Detlepsen of Kingman enjoys playing the Kansas Lottery on a consistent basis each month. His pattern and strategy has paid off to the tune of a $100,000 top prize win on the $20 Strike It Rich instant ticket! 

“I typically only buy instant tickets around the first of the month,” Detlepsen said. “I went into the store to get a Mega Millions ticket but decided to get a scratch off ticket as well. I sure am glad I did!” 

Detlepsen took the ticket home before scratching it off. When he finally played the game, he couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing. His ticket showed a $100,000 prize! 

“I didn’t believe it at first, but after staring at it for a while I told my wife what I had won,” Detlepsen added. “She didn’t believe it at first either, so she took a long hard look at the ticket before agreeing with me.” 

After it finally sunk in that he had won a big prize, Detlepsen decided to go thank the crew working at the convenience store he purchased the ticket from. “I went back and gave them each a little cash to say thank you. I still can’t believe it, honestly,” he said. 

The prize money already has a couple destinations for the Detlepsen family, according to Ricky. “We’re going to pay off a car, get braces for my daughter, and the rest we’ll put into savings for now,” he added. “We’ll take some time to think about how best to use the rest of the money.” 

The winning ticket was sold at Dak’s Market 2 at 339 East D Avenue in Kingman. There is still one top prize, as well as thousands in other cash prizes remaining in the $20 Strike It Rich instant game.  

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