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Lyndon Couple Claims $75,000 World Champion Chiefs Instant Prize!

Photo of Patsy and Danny Roberts

A broken credit card reader on a gas pump set off a short series of events that ended with Patsy and Danny Roberts of Lyndon winning $75,000 on a $10 Kansas City Chiefs World Champions instant ticket! 

“We pulled up to the pump at the station to get gas, and that was all. We had no plans to go inside,” Patsy Roberts said with a laugh. “The card reader wasn’t working, so Danny had to go inside to pre-pay, and he just couldn’t resist those Chiefs tickets!” 

Danny Roberts purchased four Chiefs tickets and brought them back to the car for Patsy to play while he drove the rest of the way. This spur-of-the-moment purchase ended up netting the Roberts a $75,000 win! 

“I like to play one number at a time, that way I don’t miss anything when I’m counting up winning symbols,” Patsy added. “On the second ticket, I had a winning spot. I revealed the prize amount underneath and it said “$75,000” on it. I just assumed I was reading it wrong!” 

After staring at the ticket in disbelief for a moment, the couple then realized they had definitely won a big prize and would have to plan a trip to Topeka to the Kansas Lottery headquarters. 

The winners say they don’t fully know what they’re going to do with their prize, but they have a pretty good idea of where most of it will go. 

“The Lord has blessed us with the ability to now pay off pretty much all of our debt except for the house and car. No smaller bills to pay off,” Danny said. “Now we can really focus on our retirement in a couple of years. This was such a huge blessing!” 

The winning ticket was sold at TA Express at 32501 West 200th Street in Edgerton. There is still one top prize left in the $10 Kansas City Chiefs World Champion instant ticket, as well as thousands in other cash prizes. 

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