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Lansing Man Collects His $25,000 "Sweet Fortune!"

Kendall Lang

How sweet it is to win with the Kansas Lottery! Kendall Lang of Lansing made the trip to Topeka today to claim his $25,000 top prize he won playing the $5 Sweet Fortune instant scratch game. 

"I bought four tickets and took them all home without scratching them off," said Lang. "We were at home when we finally played the game. My significant other scratched off the winning ticket and when she told me that it was a big winner, I didn't believe her. I double and triple checked it before it finally hit me what we had won!" 

After taking a moment to calm down, Lang took the ticket back to the retailer to verify his win. "It was the same clerk that had sold me the ticket and when I had her check it, it said to "redeem in Topeka." She was almost as excited as I was!" 

"We're going to use our winnings to pay off bills and put the rest in savings," said Lang. "I retired about three years ago, and this money is a huge blessing. We'll be able to put it back for when we really need it." 

The winning ticket was sold at Dillons 40 at 720 Eisenhower in Leavenworth. There are still five top prizes left in the $5 Sweet Fortunes instant scratch game.