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$100,000 Lottery Win ‘Huge Blessing’ for Argonia Man

$100,000 Lottery Win ‘Huge Blessing’ for Argonia Man

Feeling lucky, Thomas Burleson thought he’d try out a $20 Power 20X ticket. The Argonia man’s good feeling panned out with a $100,000 win!

“I’d taken a break from buying lottery tickets, but thought I’d just grab a few from the store,” Burleson shared. “I scratched it outside and saw the first three numbers were winners. I didn’t have my glasses with me, so I had to ask the store employee to tell me what I’d won, and that’s when I learned I won $100,000!”

After seeing the win for himself when he got home, the winner decided to wake up early the next day to make the drive to Topeka to claim his prize. Burleson described his win as a “huge blessing,” as he’s encountered several medical problems in recent years and is unable to work.

“I know the Lord doesn’t put anything on you that you can’t get through, and sometimes it’s hard to understand. But now I know I’ve got someone looking out for me after all I’ve had to go through,” the winner said.

Burleson plans to save most of the money for a rainy day, but also plans to trade in his vehicle for more reliable transportation and possibly purchase a better lawn mower to help him take care of his home more easily.

The winning ticket was sold at Quick Pick 8 at 509 N. Main St. in Argonia. There are still two top prizes in the $20 Power 20X game, plus thousands in other prizes!

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