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Kansas Lottery Warns Players of Scams

The Kansas Lottery is warning its players to be on the lookout for scams. In the past week, the Kansas Lottery has received multiple reports from its players about scammers contacting them via Instagram claiming to be the Kansas Lottery and asking for money.

The Kansas Lottery wants to remind its players the Lottery will never contact prize winners via social media or ask for money in order for a winner to claim a prize.

In order to avoid future scams, the Lottery is reminding its players to never provide personal information, such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and Social Security numbers over the phone or social media. The lottery also wants players to be wary of prize notices for contests or promotions they never entered or do not remember entering.

The Kansas Lottery has alerted Instagram of the scammer account and has asked for it to be removed. The Lottery has also alerted the Kansas Attorney General Consumer Protection Division about the scam.

If a player believes they have been contacted by a scammer, please contact the Kansas Attorney General Consumer Protection Division by phone (785) 296-3751 or by email at cprotect@ag.ks.gov