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Kansas Lottery Kicks Off Annual Holiday Millionaire Raffle

Start the New Year off as the Sunflower State’s next millionaire through the 2019 Holiday Millionaire Raffle. The annual holiday raffle begins on September 1, 2019. This year’s raffle includes bigger Early Bird prizes with the best odds to win $1 million! Tickets cost $20 and there are only 200,000 tickets available, but only one lucky ticket holder will win $1,000,000!

 Early Bird Drawings

There will be four Early Bird drawings in this year’s Holiday Millionaire Raffle. The prize amount increases with each drawing! One drawing will take place each month leading up to the Holiday Millionaire Raffle grand prize event. Early Bird tickets purchased after the fourth Early Bird drawing are only eligible for the grand prize drawing.

 Early Bird Drawing Dates:

  1. Sunday, September 29 - $25,000
  2. Sunday, October 27 - $30,000
  3. Sunday, November 24 - $40,000
  4. Sunday, December 15 - $50,000

 Grand Prize Event

On January 2, 2020, the Kansas Lottery will draw the winning number for the $1 million grand prize and $855,000 in other cash prizes. The prizes and number of winners for the January 2 drawing are as follows: 


Prize Amount

Number of Winners

















The Kansas Lottery will announce the $1 million winning Holiday Millionaire Raffle numbers in a live broadcast right before noon on January 2, 2020, from the Kansas Lottery headquarters in Topeka. Immediately following the live broadcast, players can check their raffle numbers on the Kansas Lottery website to see if they are a winner! Players can also watch the grand prize announcement live on the Kansas Lottery’s Facebook page. As the Holiday Millionaire Raffle kicks off, check the Kansas Lottery’s website for the latest information on remaining tickets.