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Four Kansas Lottery Players Win $5,000 in "Holiday Cash"

Four Kansas Lottery players can do a little extra holiday shopping this year after winning a $5,000 cash prize in the Lottery’s Holiday Cash Bonus second-chance drawing.  The lucky winners are: 

  1. Stacey Beauregard of Wichita
  2. Mark Jim of Wichita
  3. Barbara Schroeder of Elk City
  4. Josh Gwillim of Oswego 

To become eligible to win one of four $5,000 cash prizes in the Holiday Cash Bonus promotion, Kansas Lottery PlayOn® Players Loyalty program members redeemed 600 PlayOn points for an entry into the drawing from September 1 through 11:59 p.m. November 30, 2019.  There were a total of 124,591 entries in the drawing.