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$19.5 Million in Lottery Prizes Won in May 2021

Kansas Lottery players across the state brought home big bucks throughout May, with $19.5 million in prizes won or claimed! Of that, $14.8 million was claimed on instant scratch games, $3.7 million was won on draw games, and $1.0 million was won on monitor games!

Kansas is one of seven states where winners can claim their prizes anonymously. The Kansas Lottery saw 21 players claim instant prizes of $10,000 or greater, and four of those winners shared their stories with the Kansas Lottery. Their stories can be found here. Some highlights from instant winners include:

  • Two $250,000 prizes, one each on the $30 $250,000 Jackpot game and $30 Multiplier Super Ticket;
  • Three $100,000 prizes, one each on the $20 Power 20X, $20 $100,000 Cash, and $10 $100,000 Crossword games;
  • Three $75,000 prizes, all on the new $10 Flaming 777 tickets;
  • One 2021 Ford Escape prize package won on the $5 Sweet Escape ticket;
  • Four $25,000 prizes, two on the $5 50X game and one each on the $5 Bingo Times 20 Bonus and $5 2021 Doubler tickets; and
  • Three $20,000 prizes on the $2 Double Bonus Crossword game.

Below is how much was won throughout May for draw and monitor games:

  • Powerball: $293,063, including one $50,000 prize;
  • Mega Millions: $217,034, including one $10,000 prize;
  • Lotto America: $150,990;
  • Super Kansas Cash: $2,250,547, including one jackpot prize of $2,043,273 split between three winning tickets, as well as 15 $2,000 prizes;
  • Lucky for Life: $180,398, including one $5,000 winner;
  • Pick 3: $478,200, including 578 winners who each won $500;
  • 2by2: $111,909, including one $22,000 top prize;
  • Keno: $563,444; and
  • Racetrax: $476,662.40.

The Kansas Lottery encourages players to double-check their tickets since many large prizes remain unclaimed, including the $10,000 Mega Millions prize sold in South Central Kansas on May 7, the $20,000 Lotto America prize sold in Northwest Kansas on April 21, and several Holiday Millionaire Raffle prizes of $1,000 or more! Players have 365 days from the date of a drawing to claim their prize. For instant games, players have 180 days from the date a game ends to claim.