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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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Topeka Player "Nails" $20,000 Lottery Prize

At first Travis Mills thought he had uncovered nine words on his $2 Double Bonus Crossword scratch ticket. That would have won him a $2,000 prize. After examining the ticket closer, however, he realized he had forgotten to uncover the "a" in the word "nail" on his puzzle. With that, he uncovered 10 words and "nailed" a top prize of $20,000!

"Normally I buy five tickets at a time, but yesterday morning on my way to work I just bought this one," the 43-year-old Topeka man told Lottery officials.

This is not the first time Mills has gotten lucky. In addition to playing scratch tickets, Mills is an avid Keno player, typically playing a 5-spot in the game.

"I've won $400 at least 30 times in the past year playing the 5-spot. I always pick my own numbers, randomly," Mills disclosed. "I don't play a lot, but when I have it I'll spend an extra $20 on lottery."

Mills and his wife Jenifer both grew up in Topeka. Mills graduated from Seaman High School, and Jenifer is a graduate of Shawnee Heights. They have two children, Trenton and Trinity. 

Travis Mills works at a national call center for the Department of Veterans Affairs and talks to veterans all over the country, assisting them with their benefits. He has worked for the federal government for 14 years. Jenifer Mills is employed by Advisor Excel in Topeka.

The family plans to pay off debt with their $20,000 lottery prize and also take a vacation to Colorado this summer.

Mills purchased his lucky Double Bonus Crossword ticket at Viking BP, located at 4700 Hunter's Ridge in Topeka. There are three top prizes of $20,000 remaining in the game, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in other cash prizes. 

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