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Friday, January 10, 2014

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Quinter Resident Wins $11,058 Playing Favorite Game

Every morning between 5 and 6 a.m., Edward Albin stops at a nearby convenience store for coffee and conversation with friends before going to work on his farm.  While at the store, Albin also likes to play his favorite game, Kansas Lottery Keno.  Yesterday morning started off like any other day for the Quinter resident; however, after playing his usual $5 8-Spot Keno ticket, Albin received a big surprise. 

The 63-year-old matched all numbers on his 8-Spot Keno ticket, winning a $10,000 top prize!  Since he played an 8-Spot Keno ticket, he also won a progressive jackpot worth $1,058, bringing his total winnings to $11,058!

"I play Keno every day," said Albin.  "I always play an 8-Spot and a 5-Spot.  I have my own special numbers for each Spot that I've been playing for quite a while.  So far, they've brought me good luck."

Albin is no stranger when it comes to winning cash prizes playing Keno.  A few years ago, he won $12,770 playing an 8-Spot Keno ticket.  He's also won several $400 cash prizes playing a 5-Spot Keno ticket. Last year, he won several $900 cash prizes playing a 5-Spot Keno ticket with the Bull's-eye option.

"I wish I would have played the Bull's-eye on my 8-Spot ticket," said Albin.  "I would have won $31,058 because one of my
numbers was also the Bull's-eye number.  I'm still very happy with what I did win though."

The Bull's-eye option doubles the amount of a wager, but gives players a chance to win bigger prizes.  Players, who match any of their numbers to the Bull's-eye number, win the appropriate Keno and Bull's-eye prize.  In Albin's case, he would have won a top prize of $30,000 if he had played the Bull's-eye option.

"I'm going to stick with my same 8-Spot numbers, but I may have to start adding Bull's-eye when I play," said Albin. 

Albin and his wife Connie, who have been married nearly 30 years, plan to take a trip to Las Vegas this spring.  They plan to use part of their winnings for their trip. Albin also said, "This is my rat hole money.  I'll use part of it to keep playing Keno and
the rest I will save for a rainy day."

The winning ticket was purchased at 1st Stop 6204, located at 1-70 and Castle Rock Rd. in Quinter.


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