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Unexpected Stop Leads to $75,000 Win for Arma Resident

Kimberly Bowman won $75,000 on the $10 Jewel Jackpot instant scratch game

Kimberly Bowman left her house to run what she thought would be typical errands. However, an unexpected stop at a convenience store led to a $75,000 surprise!

“It’s still hard to believe! That’s a lot of money, a lot of money, and we’re super thrilled” Bowman said with excitement.   

Bowman and her husband Carl have bought $10 Jewel Jackpot instant scratch tickets multiple times each week for the past four months. The two estimate they bought 50 tickets before finding this diamond in the rough.    

“We never expected this! We were playing for fun and if we won $5 here or $50 there, it was just fun,” she explained. “This was just completely overwhelming and unexpected.”

On this particular day, Bowman said she was heading home after finishing her errands when she stopped to buy a few Jewel Jackpot tickets. However, the usual store she buys tickets from was all out, so she went across the street.

“I went home and we were scratching on them, and scratching on them and he didn’t even finish scratching the winning ticket when he said ‘look, three diamonds’,” Bowman enthusiastically explained. “He showed it to me and it was hard to believe. It’s still hard to believe!”

The couple added the win couldn’t come at a better time since they are in the middle of a house renovation and their 25th wedding anniversary is just months away.

“The one thing that keeps coming to mind is a Bible verse, Matthew 25:23, and it says if you’re faithful over small things, you’re going to be faithful over much. So I’m just praying we’re going to be faithful with what we’ve been given,” Bowman said.

The winning ticket was sold at 19693 Casey’s General Store 3571 located on 101 W. Saint James Street in Girard, Kansas.

There is still one $75,000 top prize remaining in the $10 Jewel Jackpot instant scratch game, as well as thousands in other cash prizes.