Veterans Tickets 2 X Points

Support our Veterans and earn DOUBLE points.

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Starting February 1 through June 30, earn DOUBLE points in your PlayOn® account when you submit one of our Veterans Benefit instant tickets Red White & Blue or Red White and Moo.

Did you know that profits from the sale of Veterans games support programs that benefit Kansas military veterans and their families?  Every penny of the money is used here in Kansas and goes to provide basic things for our Kansas military veterans.  Here is the current distribution of funds: 

  • 40 percent for National Guard Educational Assistance Act Scholarships
  • 30 percent to Kansas Veterans Homes and Cemeteries
  • 30 percent to the Veterans Enhanced Service Delivery Program

How Much Money Has the Lottery Transferred from Veterans Games?

Fiscal Year Transfers
FY 2004 $632,695
FY 2005 $701,164
FY 2006 $717,113
FY 2007 $913,138
FY 2008 $880,163
FY 2009 $1,628,958
FY 2010 $1,030,443
FY 2011 $755,687
FY 2012 $1,352,562
FY 2013 $1,594,127
FY 2014 $1,795,054
FY 2015 $1,587,428
FY 2016 $1,658,099
FY 2017 $1,225,812
Total $16,473,443

Veterans tickets are like any other instant games in terms of play style and prizes!  The only difference is that the proceeds from these tickets benefit military Veterans.

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