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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

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Kansas Expatriate Returns Home, Wins $100,000

William "Billy" Linn was visiting friends and family in his hometown of Conway Springs last week when he decided to play the Kansas Lottery. He bought a $100,000 Crossword ticket and made it a homecoming to remember by hitting the top prize!

"At first, I was freaking out because I thought I had won $10,000. I was only counting 13 words," said Linn. "It wasn't until I calmed down and started double checking the letters to make sure I had 13 words that I figured out I actually had 14 words. Then I started freaking out all over again!"

Linn was at a friend's house when he scratched the ticket. His friend counted 14 words as well, but Linn still was skeptical. He texted a picture of the ticket to a few family members, and they also confirmed they saw 14 words.

"It was surreal. The feeling of disbelief still hasn't fully gone away even though I'm here in Topeka," Linn said. "The worst part was the waiting! I scratched the ticket on Saturday, so I had to wait all weekend to come claim it."

Linn says he hasn't decided what to do with the winnings yet. "My brother is having a baby soon, and they could use a better family car. I'll probably help them out with that. I'll probably pay some bills, and save the rest," said Linn.

The winning ticket was sold at PE Station at 731 N. Ridge Drive in Wichita. There are still three top prizes left in the $100,000 Crossword instant scratch game.

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