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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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The Walking Dead Game Pays Off for Superstitious Allen Resident

According to Vlinda Hewitt, she is a very superstitious person.  The Allen resident purchases $5 worth of Kansas Lottery instant scratch tickets each day, but has a particular system she uses when buying them.  The 53-year-old will not buy Lottery games with the tickets numbered zero to six or tickets numbered 110 or above.  Her technique paid off when she purchased a $2 The Walking Dead instant scratch ticket, with a ticket number of 24, and won a $10,000 top prize!

"Before I went to work Friday morning, I stopped to buy my usual $5 worth of lottery tickets," said Hewitt.  "Since I was mad at the Bonus Crossword game because I wasn't winning, I was going to buy a $2 Tanks of 200s game, but it was on ticket number zero so I didn't buy it.  The store didn't have many $2 tickets available, so I decided to buy The Walking Dead since it was on ticket number 24."

Once she arrived at work, Hewitt scratched her ticket and was shocked when she discovered she had won a $10,000 top prize!

"I have my own way of scratching tickets, too," laughed Hewitt.  "On The Walking Dead game, you have to match symbols and if you do, you win the prize shown for that symbol.  I always see if I've matched any of the 10 symbols first and if I have, I'll scratch off the prize amount."

As Hewitt was scratching off the symbols on her ticket, she realized she had matched one but didn't reveal the prize amount she had won right away. 

"After scratching off my symbols, I went back to the prize amount and thought I had won $10," said Hewitt. "As I kept scratching, I was seeing more zeros and knew I had won more than $10.  I was stunned when I saw I had won $10,000.  I showed my ticket to a co-worker and then left work to have it checked.  When the store clerk verified I had won, I signed the back of the ticket and kept it in my pocket the rest of the day.  It was very hard to concentrate on work.  I'm surprised I didn't wear my ticket out by pulling it out of my pocket so many times to look at it."

This isn't the first big win for Hewitt.  A couple of years ago, she won a $3,100 top prize playing a Kansas Lottery $1 Halloween-themed game that had black cats on the ticket. 

"The day I won $3,100 on a Halloween ticket, I had seen a ton of black cats everywhere,"said Hewitt.  "I saw real black cats, plastic black cats, and after I scratched the Halloween ticket, I ended up seeing another black cat.  The black cat symbol on my ticket caused me to win $3,100. My superstitions paid off that day, too."

Hewitt, who works for Saddle Creek Café in Council Grove, plans to purchase a newer truck with her winnings and start a savings account for her nieces.

The winning ticket was purchased at Short Stop 18, located at 9 E. Main in Council Grove. There are four $10,000 top prizes remaining in The Walking Dead game. In addition to winning a top prize, players can also enter non-winning tickets online through the Kansas Lottery's Players Club for a chance to win great merchandise in The Walking Dead second-chance drawing.



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