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Monday, December 30, 2013

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Hoisington Resident Ends 2013 with $100,000 Lottery Win

A frequent player of the Kansas Lottery's $20 instant scratch tickets, Tracy Naab has had quite a winning streak going this year. The Hoisington woman told Lottery officials she has won thirteen $1,000 prizes in 2013.  Thirteen $1,000 prizes and now, one $100,000 prize!

Naab, 52, captured one of two remaining $100,000 prizes on the Kansas Lottery's $20 VIP Cash game.  She said she purchased half a dozen VIP Cash tickets last Friday night and took them home to play.

"After my husband and I ate supper, I sat at the table and started to scratch my tickets," she recounted. "On the very first line of the very first ticket I scratched, I matched my number with one of the winning numbers and the prize was $100,000!"

Naab asked her husband to look at the ticket to see if he saw what she saw.

"It certainly looked like she had won $100,000, but my theory is not to count your chickens before they're hatched," said Sam Naab.

The Naabs were counting dollars, rather than chickens, when they brought their ticket to Lottery headquarters today and verified they had indeed won a $100,000 top prize.

"I'm excited," said Tracy Naab. "It will put us ahead. We're going to pay off bills and put the rest into a retirement account." The Naabs own their own company, S and T Sales and Services.

Naab says she plans to keep playing $20 scratch games, because they are her favorites, and she hopes to be as lucky in 2014 as she has been this year.

She purchased her lucky $100,000 VIP Cash ticket at Cerv's 3, located at 1000 Main Street in Great Bend.

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