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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

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Lottery Winner Gives Hubby Credit for Picking $20,000 Ticket

Stacy Thompson of Kansas City, Kansas, told Kansas Lottery officials she seldom lets her husband pick out instant scratch tickets.

"That's because he never picks winning tickets!" the 37-year-old explained.  Despite her misgivings about his choices, Thompson asked her husband to pick up some tickets while he was at the store this past Saturday. 

"And I wasn't too happy when he brought home four $2 Double Bonus Crossword tickets either," she laughed. "I can't remember the last time I bought a $2 Crossword. I always buy the $5 and $10 Crosswords because they have better odds."

Suffice it to say Thompson has had to change her mind about a couple of things. One of those tickets - the kind Thompson doesn't like, picked out by her husband who "never picks out winning tickets" - was a $20,000 winner!

"It was the best decision, besides me, he has ever made!" joked the thrilled winner.

The $20,000 instant prize will help make one of Thompson's dreams come true. "We're  going house hunting!" she said. "This money gives us a great opportunity to look for a bigger house with a bigger yard."

The bigger yard will come in handy for Thompson's family.  She and her husband both have 10-year-old sons.  Thompson works for her father in the house painting and home remodeling business. Her husband just started a new welding job this week.

The lucky winning ticket was purchased at Reich's Club, Inc., located at 3405 Strong St. in Kansas City, Kan. There are 18 top prizes of $20,000 remaining in the Double Bonus Crossword game, along with over a million other cash prizes.


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