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Monday, June 24, 2013

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Wichita Resident Wins Sizzling Prize worth $9,027 playing Hot Lotto!

When playing the Kansas Lottery's Hot Lotto game, Sheila Sloyan has a routine she follows when buying tickets.  The Wichita resident always picks her own winning numbers on a $5 ticket, with the Hot Ball number being the same on each play.  She also adds the Sizzler option, which doubles the price of her ticket to $10, but will triple any prizes won.  On June 22, her routine paid off with a big win worth $9,027!

The winning numbers in the June 22 Hot Lotto drawing were 5-14-23-28-31 Hot Ball 9.  Since Sloyan had the same Hot Ball number on her ticket, she won on each of the five plays.  On the first play she matched four numbers plus the Hot Ball number and won a cash prize of $9,000.  The second play she matched only the Hot Ball number and won a cash prize of $6.  She matched only the Hot Ball number on the third play, winning another $6.  On the fourth play she matched one number plus the Hot Ball number and won a cash prize of $9. On the last play she matched the Hot Ball number only for a cash prize of $6, which brings her total winnings to $9,027!

"I have six play slips that have different numbers that have I picked," explained Sloyan.  "I only use one of the play slips for each drawing.  The numbers I used Saturday, I hadn't played in about a year."

The next morning, Sloyan looked up the winning numbers in her local newspaper and couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"I always get up at 5 a.m. and read the paper," said Sloyan.  "When I saw what the winning numbers were, I was very surprised.  I signed the back of my ticket and waited to call my kids with the good news."

After claiming her prize today at Lottery headquarters in Topeka, Sloyan offered these words of wisdom to other lottery players.  "Pick your own numbers and always have the same Hot Ball number because if you matched that last number you will at least win something," said the winner.  "And, don't forget to add the Sizzler option, so you can triple the amount."

Sloyan, who has two grown daughters, four grandsons and one great grandson, retired from Glickman Metals after 36 years of service.  She was undecided how she would spend her winnings.

"I'll probably buy a couple more lottery tickets with the $27 I won," said Sloyan.  "The rest I will probably save."

When Lottery officials asked if she planned to retire the set of numbers she won on, Sloyan gave this reply, "I don't think I'll retire them.  I haven't played those numbers in so long maybe they'll bring me more luck."

The winning ticket was purchased at QuikTrip 345, located at 4020 S. Meridian St. in Wichita.

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