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Monday, December 5, 2016

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Group of Co-Workers at Mize Houser & Company Share $50,000 Powerball Prize

Whenever the Powerball or Mega Millions jackpots reach $100 million, co-workers at Mize Houser & Company in Overland Park pool their money to buy tickets.  The group, which calls itself Mize Houser 16, received a big surprise after the November 19 Powerball drawing. Much to everyone's surprise, one of the tickets they purchased matched four of the first five numbers and the Powerball to win a $50,000 cash prize!

Since only one person can claim a lottery prize in Kansas, the group elected Robin Buchanan to be the person to claim the large cash prize on their behalf.

"I'm in charge of collecting the money for the pool, so it only seemed natural to have me claim the prize," said Buchanan.  "Whenever the Powerball or Mega Millions jackpots reach $100 million, I send out an email to let everyone know I'll be collecting money for the drawing.  Each person that wants to participate has to contribute $4.  I always buy the tickets at one of my favorite mom and pop stores that's close to our office. After buying the tickets, I keep them secure and then check them after each drawing." 

This process changed a little before the November 19 Powerball drawing, however.  Buchanan did purchase the group's tickets, but then went on vacation before the drawing occurred, leaving co-worker Jeff Roblez in charge of checking the Powerball tickets after the drawing.

"I went down to Dallas, Texas, to visit my sister for my birthday and Thanksgiving," said Buchanan.  "The Monday after the drawing, my co-workers were blowing up my phone with text messages and calls.  When they told me we had won $50,000, I was as surprised as everyone else.  Jeff called the Lottery and got instructions on how to claim our prize and did a great job of getting all the paperwork organized.  When I returned to work November 28, everyone kept on me about getting our ticket claimed.  Everyone is so excited about winning."

Each of the 16 winners will receive $3,125 of the $50,000 cash prize.  Buchanan said even though she hadn't received her portion of the winnings, she went ahead and splurged on a pair of cowboy boots while she was in Texas.

"I knew I'd be getting the prize money, so I went ahead and bought the boots," said Buchanan.  "I'm going to have a very Merry Christmas with the rest of my winnings."

The winning ticket was purchased at Phillips 66, located at 13705 College Blvd. in Lenexa.



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