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Photo of Richard Belcher, Jr.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

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Missouri Resident Crosses the Border and Wins $10,000 Top Prize

St. Joseph, Mo. resident Richard Belcher, Jr. crosses the border to Kansas a couple of times a week for his job as a route driver. 
During one of his most recent trips, Belcher stopped at a convenience store in Atchison for a gallon of iced tea and a sandwich.  As he was paying for this lunch, the Kansas Lottery's $2 Ghostbusters instant scratch game caught his eye, so he purchased two
tickets.  Much to his surprise, Belcher revealed a $10,000 top prize on one of the tickets he scratched!

"I bought the tickets because I've been collecting Ghostbusters memorabilia for a long time," said Belcher.  "Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have bought a ticket because I usually don't play very often.  After I paid for everything, I put the tickets in my shirt pocket and that's where they stayed until I finished working."

Before going home for the evening, Belcher sat in his truck and scratched his tickets.  When he realized how much he had won, he was relieved the ticket hadn't fallen out of his shirt pocket.

"When I realized I had won $10,000, I sat in my truck staring at the ticket for quite a while," said Belcher. "I called my fiancée Yolanda and she didn't believe me, so I took a picture of the ticket and sent it to her.  Winning such a big prize has come at a great
time.  We're getting ready to build a house and we plan to add this money to the down payment."

The winning ticket was purchased at Casey's General Store 2813, located at 1629 Main St. in Atchison.   The $2 Ghostbusters game has five $10,000 top prizes remaining, along with 43 prizes of $1,000 and several thousand of other cash prizes.



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