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Thursday, May 30, 2013

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Hutchinson Business Owner Wins Second $22,000 Lottery Prize in Three Months!

Perry Rice, 47, of Hutchinson is the first to admit he's having incredible lottery luck this year.  On March 4, he won $22,000 playing 2by2 when his ticket matched both Red and both White numbers.  Amazingly, he did the same thing May 26!  His 2by2 ticket again matched both Red and both White numbers and won him a second $22,000 grand prize.

"I don't know how I got to be so lucky, but I hope it continues," said Rice. "The Lottery sure has been good to me this year."  Rice said he buys a $25 2by2 ticket every single day and always picks his own numbers.  He often wins free tickets for matching one number. 
"That's one thing I really like about 2by2 - you win a lot of free tickets," he said.  It was, in fact, a free ticket on which Rice won $22,000 this week. In his March 4 win, Rice picked his own numbers.

"Some of the numbers I use have personal meaning and some are just numbers I like, but I always play the exact same numbers," he disclosed.  "If I was giving advice to other players, I'd tell them to do like I do and play consistently. I also look at the frequency charts in Kansas Winners to see which numbers come up the most." Kansas Winners is a free newsletter published quarterly by the Kansas Lottery and available at all Lottery retailers.

Rice is a lifelong Kansan and the owner of Rice's Exhaust Service in Hutchinson. He plans to use his latest prize money to become debt-free.

Rice's free 2by2 ticket, which turned into a $22,000 winner, was printed at 4th & Whiteside Station, located at 828 W. 4th Avenue in Hutchinson.

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