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Thursday, August 1, 2013

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Right Place, Right Time for Hutchinson Resident leads to $25,000 Top Prize

According to Paul Brewer, he only purchases Kansas Lottery tickets a few times a year.  Last Sunday, the Hutchinson resident must have been in the right place at the right time.  On a whim, Brewer purchased two $5 Queen of Hearts instant scratch tickets and on the second ticket he played he revealed a $25,000 top prize!

"I knew right away I had won $25,000," said Brewer.  "But I stared at the ticket for 20 minutes before it finally sank in how much I had won."

Just to be certain he wasn't reading the ticket wrong, Brewer and his fiancée Toni Parker went to a nearby convenience store to have it verified.

"When the clerk scanned the ticket, she told me I had to claim my prize at the Lottery, so I knew I had won $25,000," said Brewer.  "It was still hard to believe."

After signing the back of the winning ticket, Brewer hid it in the pocket of an old sport coat for safekeeping.

"I had to wait for a day off to claim my prize and since I told almost everyone I know how much I had won, I decided I better hide it," said Brewer.  "I figured the sport coat's pocket was the best place."

After claiming his winning ticket today at Lottery headquarters in Topeka, Brewer asked Lottery officials to take his photo using his cell phone.  Before leaving he sent out his photo to several friends and family members.

"The majority of the responses I'm getting are, 'Awesome,' said Brewer.  "I think it's very awesome!"

Brewer, who works as a car salesman at Midwest Ford Toyota, was undecided how he would spend his winnings.

The winning ticket was purchased at Kwik Shop 738, located at 1330 E. 30th Ave. in Hutchinson.

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