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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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Sunday Morning Errands turn into $10,000 Cash Prize for Gardner Resident

While running errands Sunday morning, Gardner resident Patricia "Patsy" Miller stopped at a local convenience store to cash in $90 worth of Kansas Lottery tickets she had been carrying in her purse.  Feeling lucky, Miller decided to try her luck again and bought four of the $20 Ultimate Cash instant scratch tickets.  

"My daughter Lindsey and I both had winning tickets to cash in," said Miller.  "I bought four of the Ultimate Cash tickets and she bought the fifth ticket.  "When we were heading out to the truck, I started playing one of my tickets. I had scratched off a 'present' symbol and the amount below the symbol showed I had won $1,000.  I was screaming and shaking, I was so excited.  Lindsey finally told me to calm down and get in the truck because I was causing a scene." 

When playing the $20 Ultimate Cash instant scratch game, players who reveal a present symbol, automatically win the prize below that symbol.  On Miller's ticket, she revealed 10 present symbols with several different prize amounts below them. 

"Once we were in the truck, I handed Lindsey my ticket so she could look at it and she said, 'Mom, you have an entire row of presents! You won more than $1,000,'" Miller said.  "She handed me back the ticket and we started adding up all of the prizes.  Lindsey looked at me once they were all added up and said, 'Mom, you won $10,000!'  I was so excited, we had to stop for a cheeseburger so I could calm down." 

According to Lindsey, her mom is the luckiest person she knows and she wasn't surprised to see her win a big lottery prize. 

"I also won an additional $40 on one of the other Ultimate Cash tickets I bought," said Miller. "In 1996, I was on theWheel of Fortunegame show and won $6,000.  I am the only person in the game's history to try and buy a vowel with no money on the board." 

The lucky winner said she plans to continue playing the Ultimate Cash game as well as other Kansas Lottery tickets in hopes she will be back at the Kansas Lottery office to claim another big prize. 

"I know I'll be here again," said Miller with conviction. "I kept the nickel I used to scratch my winning ticket with. From now on, I'll use my lucky nickel every time I buy a scratch ticket." 

Miller said she plans to open a Health Savings Account with a portion of her winnings, do some shopping and possibly take a vacation. 

She purchased the winning ticket at Express 66, located at 29550 W. 191st. in Gardner. 


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