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Monday, November 6, 2017

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Sick Day turns into Pay Day for Concordia Resident

Last Friday morning, Louisa Dowling woke up not feeling well, so she decided to take a day off from work.  To pass the time, the Concordia resident decided to buy four of the Kansas Lottery's $5 Super Red Hot Crossword instant scratch tickets.  After scratching her tickets, Dowling's sick day turned into a pay day when she revealed a $50,000 top prize on one of the tickets she played! 

"After I bought my tickets, I went home to play them," said Dowling.  "As I was scratching one of the tickets, I noticed I had found five Red words in the Crossword puzzle.  I was down to one last letter when I noticed all I needed was the letter "P" to complete the sixth Red word.  When I scratched off the last letter and it was a "P," I couldn't believe it!  Needless to say, I started feeling better after that." 

When playing the $5 Super Red Hot Crossword game, players reveal 20 letters and scratch those same letters each time they are found in the Crossword puzzle. If a player reveals six Red words in the puzzle they win a $50,000 top prize. 

"When I was double checking my ticket, I noticed my mailman was coming to our house, so I stepped out to ask him if he would look at my ticket," said Dowling.  "When he agreed it appeared my ticket was worth $50,000, I still had a hard time believing it.  Before calling the Kansas Lottery to have the ticket verified, I had at least five people look at it.  I was so afraid I had made a mistake or something.  I was relieved when it was verified by the Lottery." 

Dowling, who has three grown children, is an author of a fictional romance novel.  She said a portion of her winnings will goes toward book publishing fees, so she can get the book printed.  She also plans to build a carport and pay bills with her winnings. 

The winning ticket was purchased at Woods Mini Mart 27, located at 203 E. 6th St. in Concordia.  There are two $50,000 top prizes remaining in the Super Red Hot Crossword game as well as thousands of other cash prizes.


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