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Thursday, May 25, 2017

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Karie Lowe
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Scranton Resident wins $10,000 in "Kansas Diamonds"

Liquor store owner Linda Romine was working last Sunday at her store when boredom set in.  To pass the time, the Scranton resident bought five of the Kansas Lottery's $20 Kansas Diamonds instant scratch tickets to play.  On those five tickets, she won a total of $200. Romine kept $100 of her winnings and used the $100 to buy more tickets. 

"The number seven is my lucky number," explained Romine.  "In order to get to ticket number seven on the roll, I had to buy three more tickets." 

When playing the Kansas Diamonds instant scratch game, players have to match any of "Your Numbers" to any of the "Winning Numbers" on the ticket to win the cash prize shown below that number. 

"On ticket number seven, I had the number 7 in my 'Winning Numbers' that matched a 7 in 'Your Numbers,' said Romine.  "When I scratched the prize amount below the 7, it showed I had won $10,000!  I couldn't believe it.  I never imagined I'd win something like this." 

The lucky winner said she waited impatiently for her husband Everett to stop by the store, so she could show him the winning ticket. 

"He's always giving me a hard time about buying lottery tickets," said Romine.  "When he stopped by the store I said to him, 'Don't be mad, but I bought lottery tickets today because I was bored.'  When I showed him what I had won, he wasn't too upset." 

The Romines, who have been married 48 years, have three grown children, three grandchildren and three great grandchildren.  Since Everett is "getting too old to climb underneath cars," they plan to purchase a 2-Post car lift with a portion of their winnings. 

The winning ticket was sold at Southside Discount Liquor, located at 417 S. Topeka Ave. in Carbondale. 

There are four $100,000 top prizes remaining in the $20 Kansas Diamonds instant scratch game as well as thousands of other cash prizes. 


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