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Friday, February 28, 2014

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Fort Hays State University Student Receives $10,000 Early Graduation Present

On Valentine's Day, Kyle Molstad received a couple of Kansas Lottery instant scratch tickets as a gift from his dad.  The Colby resident won a free ticket on one of the games, but waited a few weeks before cashing it in on a $2 Holiday Sweater instant scratch ticket. The wait was worthwhile for the Fort Hays State University student after he won a $10,000 top prize playing the game!

"After scratching the ticket and seeing how much I had won, I sat there and kept looking and looking at it," said Molstad.  "I gave it to my dad and he thought I was reading the ticket wrong, so we went to a convenience store to have it checked.  When I scanned it myself, the scanner didn't show the amount I had won. It just read, 'Claim at Lottery.'"

Molstad had never seen such a message when scanning a lottery ticket before and asked a clerk to scan it on the store's lottery terminal.

"The clerk was surprised when he got the same message and explained I had won a big prize," said Molstad.  "My dad and I knew then, I hadn't read the ticket wrong and I had won $10,000.  It made me a little nervous holding such a big winning ticket."

Since Molstad wasn't able to make the trip to Lottery headquarters in Topeka right away to claim his prize, he put the ticket in his dad's gun safe for safekeeping.

"I knew putting the ticket in the gun safe was the best place to keep it until I could come to Topeka," said Molstad.  "I didn't want to take it back to school with me in case I lost it.  I only buy lottery tickets every once in a while and the most I've won up until now is $100.  I feel like I've won an early graduation present."

Molstad, who will be graduating with a Business Management degree from Fort Hays State University in Hays this May, plans to save his winnings.

The winning ticket was purchased at Casey's  General Store 2951, located at 1615 W. 4th St. in Colby.  There are five $10,000 top prizes remaining in the $2 Holiday Sweater game, along with 13 cash prizes of $1,000 and a several  thousand other cash prizes.

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