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Friday, March 14, 2014

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Chanute Player Scratches off $25,000 Win During Work Break

Ronald Koester, 64, of Chanute hauls crude oil for Pacer Energy.  During a break from driving Wednesday he pulled out the $5 Wild Cash instant scratch game he had gotten by cashing in a $5 prize on another ticket and proceeded to get the surprise of a lifetime!

"There was no doubt about it," Koester told Lottery officials. "I had a "$" symbol, which meant I automatically won the prize below it, which happened to be $25,000."

The first thing an excited Koester did was call Rita, his wife of 41 years, who was as excited as her husband.

"Let's just say neither one of us got much sleep that night," said Rita Koester.

Winning big lottery prizes seems to run in the family. Two years ago, Ron Koester's mother won a $2,000 prize on one of several Kansas Lottery scratch tickets Ron and Rita had given her for Christmas.  And Ron himself won $1,000 on a ticket purchased in another state.

The Koesters have four children, 13 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. Among the plans they have for the prize money is to make a donation to their son's Little League baseball teams to offset some of the teams' travel expenses and to help out their granddaughters with college expenses.  

Koester purchased his lucky ticket at Love's Travel Stop 258, located at 203 E. 27th St in Ottawa. There is one top prize of $25,000 remaining in the Wild Cash game, along with eight $1,000 prizes and tens of thousands of other cash prizes.

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