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Thursday, December 26, 2013

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Sally Lunsford
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Emporia Teacher Wins $10,000 on Christmas Eve

The day after Christmas typically sees several players coming into Lottery headquarters in Topeka to claim winning tickets. Some tickets have been gifts from family or friends. Others are the very lucky results of what you might call "lottery scratch parties."  Laurie Kurzen of Emporia had a $10,000 winner from the latter.

Kurzen and her husband Chad told Lottery officials they got together with several other family members on Christmas Eve and, as is their tradition, everyone brought $10 worth of Kansas Lottery instant tickets to share and scratch.

When Kurzen ended up scratching one of the $2 Triple Bingo tickets she herself had brought to the party, she was astonished to find out it was a $10,000 winner.

"At first I thought I had $200, but when my husband double checked it, he told me I'd actually won $10,000," Kurzen said. "Can you believe it? I purchased my own winner!"

Just to be sure she really had a winner, Kurzen later checked the ticket at a gas station.

"I was yelling 'woo-hoo' and dancing around the gas station after the clerk verified my win," said Kurzen. "My 6-year-old daughter, who was with me, was mortified. She said, 'Oh, how embarrassing!'"

Kurzen thinks it will be a little less embarrassing for her daughter when she finds out the family is going to use the prize money to help pay for a trip to Disney World in Orlando and to purchase some after-Christmas toys. 

Laurie Kurzen is a first-grade teacher at Timmerman Elementary in Emporia. Chad Kurzen is employed at Camoplast in Emporia.

The lucky Triple Bingo ticket was purchased at Babi & Company 1, located at 423 W. 6th Street in Emporia.


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