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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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"One More Ticket" Leads to $10,000 Win for De Soto Resident

Sometimes it pays to buy "one more ticket." That strategy paid off big time for Joshua Foulk of De Soto! The 29-year-old won a $10,000 top prize on the Kansas Lottery's $2 Sunny Money instant scratch game when he purchased one more ticket.

Foulk told Lottery officials he was in the mood to try a game he hadn't played before, so he decided to try Sunny Money.

"I was going to buy three tickets, but decided at the last minute to get four," explained Foulk. "That fourth ticket was the big winner!"

After scratching off his $10,000 top prize, Foulk said he sort of "flipped out," first calling his girlfriend who didn't believe him and then informing his dad and brother, with whom he had a competition to see who could win the largest lottery prize.

"My dad won $600, but I think I have him beat now," Foulk said.

After realizing he was holding a $10,000 ticket, Foulk wanted to make sure it stayed safe until he could claim it the next day at Lottery headquarters.  So he put the ticket in the pocket of his pants and folded up the pants to use as a pillow that night.  Foulk plans to use his prize money to get a new car.

He purchased his lucky Sunny Money ticket at Meiners' Market, located at 34200 Commerce Drive in De Soto.  There is one top prize of $10,000 remaining in the $2 Sunny Money game, along with six $1,000 prizes and tens of thousands of other cash prizes.

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