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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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Wichita Resident Wins $10,000 Top Prize with Royal Flush

Last Sunday, Wichita resident Jerome Crawford and his 10-year-old son Christian stopped at a local bar and grill to watch Christian's favorite football team, the San Francisco 49ers, play the Seattle Seahawks.  Upset that his favorite team was losing,
Christian asked his dad if they could go home. After paying their bill, Jerome had $10 left and decided to try his luck playing the Kansas Lottery's Kansas Hold'Em game.

"I've played a lot of Keno, but I've never tried Kansas Hold'Em," said Crawford.  "I purchased a $10 ticket for one game.  The two cards on my ticket were a Queen of Hearts and a 10 of Hearts.  As the Community Cards were coming up on the screen, I told Christian all we needed was a King of Hearts and a Jack of Hearts and we'd win big.  He looked over at me and said, 'Daddy, that's impossible!'  Next thing I know, those cards pop up on the screen and I have a Royal Flush.  We couldn't believe it!"

For beating the virtual high hand with a Royal Flush on a single $10 ticket, Crawford won a $10,000 top prize! 

"I couldn't believe how much I had won," said Crawford.  "When word got around the bar, everyone cheered for us and wanted me to buy a round of shots.  Instead of buying shots, Christian and I left and went to my parents' house to share the news."

According to Crawford, winning a $10,000 top prize came at a great time.  Last week after returning home from the movies, the winner noticed several bricks lying in his driveway.  After close inspection he realized someone had hit the front of his house with a vehicle and driven off, leaving several thousand dollars in damage.  Unfortunately, the culprit was never caught and Crawford is stuck paying a $1,000 insurance deductible.

"Now I don't have to worry about how I'm going to get my house fixed," said Crawford. 

Once his house is fixed, Crawford said he plans to use his winnings for a father/son cruise to the Caribbean. 

The winning ticket was purchased at Casey's Bar & Grill, located at 3207 S. Oliver in Wichita.



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