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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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Topeka Resident Receives $20,000 Surprise when Claiming Favorite Game

A Topeka resident received a big surprise when claiming a $2 Bonus Crossword instant scratch ticket at Lottery headquarters in Topeka yesterday.  James Martin thought he had a $2,000 winning ticket and was shocked when Lottery officials explained to him he had not won $2,000, but had won a $20,000 top prize!  The 70-year-old won the top prize by revealing all 10 words on his ticket.

This is one of the best days of my life!" exclaimed Martin.  "This is such a surprise.  I came here thinking I had found nine words on my ticket, winning $2,000.  In this case, I'm glad I miscounted my words."

According to Martin, Crossword tickets are his favorite games to play.  He usually buys at least two every day.

"This morning I bought a $10 Crossword ticket and two $2 Crossword tickets," said Martin.  "I went home to scratch them and ended up winning $10 on my $10 ticket.  I went to the nearest store to where I live and cashed my $10 winning ticket for more tickets.  One of those tickets is the one I won on.  I immediately signed the back of the ticket and drove straight for the Lottery office."

When Lottery officials explained to Martin he had won a $20,000 top prize, he was speechless.

"Maybe I shouldn't be so surprised that I won," said Martin.  "I've had good luck playing Crossword games so far.  A couple years ago, I won two $2,000 prizes."

Martin, who is retired, plans to purchase new dentures with a portion of his winnings and put the rest into a CD for a rainy day.

The winning ticket was purchased at Tammy's On The Go, located at 3335 Gage Blvd. in Topeka.

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