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Thursday, September 5, 2013

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Topeka Resident Wins $10,000 Top Prize Playing $1 Double Doubler

After a long, hard day at work yesterday, Elmer Hildebrandt of Topeka decided to treat himself to something fun and purchased $10 worth of Kansas Lottery instant scratch tickets.  The 31-year-old stared in disbelief at his $1 Double Doubler instant scratch ticket after he revealed a $10,000 top prize playing the game!                              

"My favorite game to play is Double Doubler," said the excited winner.  "I bought five of them and five of the Carnival Cash pull tabs.  I played the pull tabs first and won $2.  When I scratched my second Double Doubler ticket, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how much I had won." 

When playing the Double Doubler game, players who get three like amounts on their ticket, win that prize amount.   Players can also win four times the amount by revealing "Double Doubler" in the Prize Level.  Hildebrandt revealed three like amounts of $2,500 and thought he had won $5,000.  It wasn't until he came to Lottery headquarters in Topeka to claim his prize that he realized his winning ticket was actually worth $10,000. The lucky winner revealed "Double Doubler" in the Prize Level, which quadrupled his prize.

"I'm still shaking from the news," said Hildebrandt.  "I was thrilled when I thought I had won $5,000.  The most I've ever won before now was $65.  I can't wait to tell my mom my ticket was actually worth more than I thought.  I called her yesterday after I scratched the ticket and she had a hard time believing me.  Now she'll have an even harder time believing I won more than I thought."

Hildebrandt, who works for Labor Pros in Topeka, plans to pay bills with his winnings.  He purchased the winning ticket at California Amoco, located at 2740 SE California in Topeka.


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