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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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Texas Resident Wins $10,000 on Kansas Lottery Game

Douglas Thompson of Killeen, Texas, said he had no intention of buying lottery tickets when he and his friend stopped at a convenience store in Junction City to get gas and cash, but he's glad he did.  On an impulse, Thompson went inside and purchased three $2 Snake Eyes instant scratch tickets. On the second line of the very first ticket, he won a top prize of $10,000!

Thompson, who travels all over training military personnel for three months at a time, is currently conducting training at Fort Riley and staying in Junction City.  He says he supports the Kansas Lottery every time he's here. Thompson has a history of lottery wins starting from his very first Mega Millions purchase in Texas.

"I won $10,000 on the first ticket I ever bought!" Thompson said.  Here in Kansas, he recently won $500 on a 25th Anniversary Game Book. He credits his mother, who passed away last year, for his good luck. "She loved the lottery; she was always playing and winning," Thompson said, "I hope some of her luck is with me now."

Thompson might take a break from the $2 Snake Eyes ticket, but not from playing. His favorite instant game, on which he has not yet won, is $2 Blue Line Slingo. He recently read the story of Arnetta Robinson winning $10,000 on a Blue Line Slingo ticket on the Kansas Lottery website. "I don't know why, but that game always draws me in to play it. Good for her for winning, I was happy to see it," Thompson said.

Thompson, who has two sons, three daughters and a grandchild, plans on using his prize money to remodel his master bathroom and help his oldest son buy a vehicle. 

The lucky ticket was purchased at Shop Quik 6, located at 821 E. Chestnut in Junction City.

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