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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

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Topeka Resident has Sleepless Night After Winning $20,000 Top Prize 

Topeka resident Debbie Norris had a long, sleepless night Tuesday after purchasing one of her favorite Kansas Lottery instant scratch tickets - the $2 Double Bonus Crossword.  The 49-year-old couldn't believe her good luck after she revealed 10 words on her ticket to win a $20,000 top prize!

"I've been so excited about winning, I haven't slept," said Norris.  "As I was scratching my ticket last night, I noticed I already had seven words with four more letters to go.  I thought I must have won $100.  After checking the ticket again I came up with nine words, which would have made the ticket worth $2,000. After finding nine words, I checked and checked the ticket several more times and finally came up with 10 words."

Norris, who was still uncertain of the amount she had won, rode her bicycle three miles to a friend's house so he could check the ticket, too.

"I was so excited I didn't care that it was four in the morning," Norris said.  "After my friend looked at the ticket, he thought I had 11 words but that's not possible so I was pretty sure I had 10 words.  When I got home, I texted everyone I know, hoping someone would be awake so I would have someone to be excited with me."

The lucky winner was thrilled when one of her friends, who is also named Debbie, returned her text message.

"When I told Debbie how much I thought I had won, she immediately drove up from Carbondale," said Norris.  "When my 8-year-old son woke up I told him how much I had won and he was excited too.  He's already asked me to buy him an X-Box. When the Lottery office opened this morning, Debbie called and had my ticket verified.  I was too nervous to call myself. It was a huge relief knowing it was a $20,000 winner."

Norris said she plans to purchase a moped with a portion of her winnings and also buy her son a new bicycle and an X-Box gaming system. 

The winning ticket was purchased at Kwik Shop 781, located at 4500 S. Topeka Blvd. in Topeka.  There are 21 $20,000 top prizes remaining in the $2 Double Bonus Crossword game as well as hundreds of thousands of other cash prizes.


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