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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

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South Hutchinson Grandmother Wins $20,000 Instant Lottery Prize

Like a lot of people, Dana Brown said she had "never won anything" in her life. Apparently she was saving up all her luck until now, because Brown just scratched herself off a $20,000 lottery prize!

The South Hutchinson resident, who is 83, traveled to Lottery headquarters in Topeka with her two daughters this week to claim a top prize in the $2 Double Bonus Crossword instant scratch game. Brown was surprised and pleased when she revealed 10 words on one of her tickets.

"I already knew I had 10 words, but I asked my daughter Donna to look at the ticket and tell me what she saw," said the lucky winner. "It was fun to watch her expression change as she counted up all the words."

Brown told Lottery officials she usually buys a few tickets at a time.

"I've been buying Crossword tickets for a few months now and I really enjoy them," said Brown. "Even though I've won this big prize, I'm still going to keep on buying them because playing Bonus Crossword passes the time and makes me happy." 

The winner, who has five grandchildren and one great-grandchild, said she will use her prize money to make some much-needed home repairs.

Brown purchased her big winning ticket at Kwik Shop 769, located at 1006 South Main Street in South Hutchinson.

There are 14 top prizes of $20,000 remaining in the Double Bonus Crossword game, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in other cash prizes.

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