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Monday, November 18, 2013

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Karie Lowe
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Dare Between Best Friends Leads to $10,000 Win

On occasion, Cody Stout of Wichita likes to play the Kansas Lottery's $2 and $5 instant scratch games.  When he's feeling adventurous, Stout said he may buy a $10 instant scratch ticket.  The 23-year-old wouldn't usually dream of purchasing a $20 instant scratch ticket, unless of course, he was dared by his best friend and co-worker, Morgan Brown.

Stout, who had been off work all week, stopped by to visit his best friend when Brown jokingly suggested he purchase a $20 Lucky Jewels instant scratch ticket, knowing he would usually laugh at the idea.  However, Stout surprised his friend and whispered, "Let's do this."

After immediately scratching the ticket, the friends were shocked when Stout discovered he had won a $10,000 cash prize by revealing three like amounts on his $20 ticket.

"We took turns shouting and looking at the ticket in disbelief," said Stout.  "When Morgan checked my ticket on the Lottery terminal and the message read, 'Claim at Lottery,' I still couldn't believe it.  I called my mom with the good news and I was crying and shaking.  She thought I had been in a car wreck or something."

When the lucky winner returned home, he placed his winning ticket on his dining room table before going to sleep.  Stout couldn't stop thinking of ways the ticket might disappear by morning so at 3 a.m., he decided to hide it under his pillow for safekeeping.

After sharing a portion of his winnings with his best friend, Stout plans to take a vacation and will put the rest of his prize money into a savings account. 

The winning ticket was purchased at Dillons 12, located at 9450 E. Harry in Wichita.

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