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Thursday, December 26, 2013

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Sally Lunsford
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Overland Park Man wins $10,000 in Christmas Eve Celebration

It was an extra happy holiday for Nicholas Bussanmas of Overland Park, when he scratched off a $10,000 winning ticket on Christmas Eve during a celebration with his girlfriend's family.  Bussanmas and his girlfriend Danielle Pate explained to Lottery officials that 20 family members each purchased $10 worth of instant scratch tickets to share at the family gathering.

"Scratching tickets with family on Christmas Eve is our tradition," said Pate. "But no one has ever won this much before!"

When Bussanmas selected a $1 Double Doubler as one of the tickets he would scratch, he never dreamed he was picking a $10,000 winner. In fact, initially he didn't realize how much he'd won.

"I thought it was $2,500, which already blew my mind," Bussanmas said. "It wasn't until Danielle looked at it, that we realized I'd actually won $10,000."

Bussanmas said the person who brought the Double Doubler ticket to the family gathering did not disclose his or her identity, so he has no idea who made the big win possible for him. He just knows he's grateful. 

"We have car stuff to take care of," Bussanmas said when asked how he planned to spend his prize money. "Plus, my mom moved to Arizona a couple of years ago and we're planning to take a trip to see her."

Bussanmas' lucky Christmas Eve ticket was purchased at Price Chopper 25, located at 7000 W. 7th Street in Overland Park.

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