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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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Patient Lawrence Resident Claims $210,125 Super Kansas Cash Jackpot!

A 53-year-old Lawrence resident, who wished to remain anonymous, came to Kansas Lottery headquarters in Topeka today to claim the $210,125 Super Kansas Cash jackpot from Monday night's drawing!  The lucky winner matched all numbers on an $18 multi-draw ticket in which he picked his own numbers.  The winning numbers were 01-02-04-08-10 Cash Ball 19.

The Lawrence resident said he has been playing Super Kansas Cash since its inception in 1996, when the game was known as Kansas Cash. When the game was enhanced to Super Kansas Cash in 2002, the winner said he began playing the same set of numbers for every drawing.

"I knew I had won without even having to look at my ticket," said the winner. "I've been playing the same numbers for years!"

The lucky winner uses a mix of numbers derived from family birthdays and anniversaries. When he saw the winning numbers in the paper this morning, he yelled to his wife that he had won the jackpot. Since she knew his history with Super Kansas Cash, she knew it was true and screamed as well.

"We are just so excited, I can't think of a more exciting morning," said the winner. "This is so great.  We feel blessed."

The winner, who also plays other Kansas Lottery jackpot games, has always enjoyed playing Super Kansas Cash the most. A couple of years ago his wife, who rarely plays lottery games, won a $2,000 cash prize playing Super Kansas Cash on the second
ticket she had ever bought.

The persistent winner has never given up on his own winning numbers and those who know him like to tease him about playing the same numbers for every Super Kansas Cash drawing. He often tells them his numbers will come up sooner or later.

"I've been telling my wife for years my numbers are due, my numbers are coming up. I guess I can stop saying that now," the winner said.

The lucky couple haven't had much time to ponder how they will spend their winnings, but did say they plan on saving and investing the majority of the win.  They may also buy a new car this year or take a vacation.

The winning ticket was purchased at Phillips 66, located at 3300 W. 6th St. in Lawrence.  For selling the jackpot-winning ticket, the store is eligible for a $1,000 selling bonus.


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