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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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Karie Lowe
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Group of Atchison Residents Plan to Share $1 Million Powerball Cash Prize

The $1 million Powerball cash prize won in the February 22, 2017, drawing has been claimed by a group of four from Atchison!  The lucky winners, who wished to remain anonymous, matched the first five numbers, but not the Powerball to win the large cash prize. 

"The night of the drawing my husband asked me to pick up a couple of Powerball tickets while I was at the store," explained one of the winners. "Two other family members decided they wanted in on the drawing too, so I bought a Quick Pick ticket with seven plays instead of the two plays I had planned to buy." 

Early the next morning, the winner in charge of keeping the tickets in a safe place, looked up the winning Powerball numbers on the Kansas Lottery's website. 

"On the first three plays we didn't win anything, but on the fourth play we had matched the first five numbers, but not the Powerball," said one the winners.  "I wasn't sure of the amount we had won, so I went back to the Lottery's website to find out.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  We had won $1 million!  I'm so glad I purchased the seven plays instead of the two plays I had planned to buy because we wouldn't have won." 

The winning numbers in the February 22 drawing are 10-13-28-52-61 Powerball 2.  The numbers on the winners' ticket are 10-13-28-52-61 Powerball 22. 

"Once I knew we had won $1 million, I signed the back of the ticket and put it in our home safe," said one of the winners.  "After that, I called everyone in our group and told them what we had won.  Everyone is so excited about winning.  We're just kindhearted, hardworking, everyday people. I never thought we'd win something like this." 

The group of four said they have already decided how they plan to spend their winnings.  Some of those plans include paying off student loans, fulfilling a wish list, buying a Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) and investing for the future. 

The winning ticket was purchased at Casey's General Store 2812, located at 1629 Main St. in Atchison.  For selling the $1 million winning Powerball cash prize, the store is eligible for a $1,000 selling bonus.

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