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9/22/201711am-1pm Sandra's Quick Stop KSNP24963 169 HighwayGarnett
9/25/2017Beginning at: 8:00amExpress Corner 2 501 West Mary StreetGarden City
9/25/2017Beginning at: 9:00amKwik Shop 725 1401 East 4th AvenueHutchinson
9/25/2017Beginning at: 11:00amSnacks6209 North Broadway StreetWichita
9/25/2017Beginning at: 11:00amWoods Mini Mart 6413 E Front StreetBonner Springs
9/25/2017Beginning at: 11:00amCerv's 22722 Hall StreetHays
9/25/2017Beginning at: 11:00amKwik Shop 75620300 West Kellogg DriveWichita
9/25/2017Beginning at: 11:30amBordertown II2901 MainParsons
9/25/2017Beginning at: 12:00pmB & J's Smoke Shop619 East 4th StreetHutchinson
9/25/2017Beginning at: 12:00pmCasey's 262015441 Wolfcreek ParkwayBasehor
9/25/2017Beginning at: 12:00pmPayless Discount Foods 262101 East Santa FeOlathe
9/25/2017Beginning at: 1:00pmBonner Springs Price Chopper501 South CommericalBonner Springs
9/25/2017Beginning at: 3:00pmU Pump It 2171521 East Fulton StreetGarden City
9/26/2017Beginning at: 9:00amCameron's Corner405 West Main StreetHill City
9/26/2017Beginning at: 9:00amDillons 129450 East HarryWichita
9/26/2017Beginning at: 9:00amKwik Shop 7381330 East 30th AvenueHutchinson
9/26/2017Beginning at: 10:00amKwik Shop 710820 East Kansas AvenueMcPherson
9/26/2017Beginning at: 11:00amJT's Liquor3700 North Woodlawn Suite 106Wichita
9/26/2017Beginning at: 11:00amCasey's 22811331 North MainMcPherson
9/26/2017Beginning at: 11:00amCasey's 296511931 West CentralWichita
9/26/2017Beginning at: 11:30amJiffy Mart 1600 West Main StreetIndependence
9/26/2017Beginning at: 12:00pmCasey's 287613000 State AvenueKansas City
9/26/2017Beginning at: 12:00pmKwik Shop 7741401 East 17thHutchinson
9/26/2017Beginning at: 12:00pmHy-Vee 15088501 West 95th StreetOverland Park
9/26/2017Beginning at: 2:00pmHollywood Casino777 Hollywood Casino BoulevardKansas City
9/26/2017Beginning at: 2:00pmDillons 965500 East HarryWichita
9/26/2017Beginning at: 3:00pmWoods Mini Mart 5920 North 2nd StreetLawrence
9/27/2017Beginning at: 7:00amPete's 29301 South FryYates Center
9/27/2017Beginning at: 9:00amDillons 913020 East Douglas AvenueWichita
9/27/2017Beginning at: 9:30amHutch's C - Store 1111580 North Kansas AvenueLiberal
9/27/2017Beginning at: 10:00amKwik Shop 7472334 Main StreetGreat Bend
9/27/2017Beginning at: 10:00amHaag's Express1001 SouthWest Wanamaker RoadTopeka
9/27/2017Beginning at: 11:00amWilbur's Market 2112 East Marshall AvenuePotwin
9/27/2017Beginning at: 11:00amShort Stop 268207 South Port DriveManhattan
9/27/2017Beginning at: 11:00amCasey's 33123540 South MeridianWichita
9/27/2017Beginning at: 11:00amKwik Shop 753 3907 Broadway StreetGreat Bend
9/27/2017Beginning at: 11:30amPete's 134002 North BroadwayPittsburg
9/27/2017Beginning at: 11:30amCasey's 17201006 North 4th StreetBurlington
9/27/2017Beginning at: 11:30amKwik Shop 780 2520 SouthWest 6th AvenueTopeka
9/27/2017Beginning at: 12:00pmPrice Chopper 50013351 Mission RoadLeawood
9/27/2017Beginning at: 12:00pmHen House 278120 Parallel ParkwayKansas City
9/27/2017Beginning at: 12:30pmDara's Fast Lane 88811 East Highway 24 Suite AManhattan
9/27/2017Beginning at: 1:00pmUSA Express17 South Fossil StreetRussell
9/27/2017Beginning at: 1:00pmHy-Vee 1377 3504 Clinton ParkwayLawrence
9/27/2017Beginning at: 1:30pmCasey's 1255218 North 9th StreetOsage City
9/27/2017Beginning at: 2:00pmKwik Shop 7482809 East Douglas AvenueWichita
9/27/2017Beginning at: 3:00pmDillons 194701 West 6th StreetLawrence
9/27/2017Beginning at: 3:00pmLonestar 23 100 North BroadwaySalina
9/27/2017Beginning at: 3:00pmCasey's 3248106 East 6thLyndon
9/28/2017Beginning at: 8:00amMainstreet Express251 South Main StreetHoisington
9/28/2017Beginning at: 9:00amKwik Shop 7063601 East 47th Street SouthWichita
9/28/2017Beginning at: 9:30amKwik Shop 713 5700 SouthWest 21st StreetTopeka
9/28/2017Beginning at: 11:00amHeritage Restaurant4551 South BroadwayWichita
9/28/2017Beginning at: 11:00amCowboy Corner Express1631 Main StreetGoodland
9/28/2017Beginning at: 11:00amShort Stop 22104 South 6thClay Center
9/28/2017Beginning at: 11:00amDillons 4910222 W 21st Street NorthWichita
9/28/2017Beginning at: 11:00amKwik Shop 7621811 Central AvenueDodge City
9/28/2017Beginning at: 11:30amPete's 81430 Main StreetParsons
9/28/2017Beginning at: 12:00pmCasey's 3580 6741 SouthWest 21st StreetTopeka
9/28/2017Beginning at: 12:00pmHen House 2411721 Roe AvenueLeawood
9/28/2017Beginning at: 12:30pmSpee D Stop2615 Gary AvenueDodge City
9/28/2017Beginning at: 2:00pmDillons 54800 NorthWest 25th StreetTopeka
9/28/2017Beginning at: 2:00pmKwik Shop 794514 South Oliver StreetWichita
9/28/2017Beginning at: 3:30pmPetro Deli 13603 NorthWest 46th StreetTopeka
9/28/2017Beginning at: 4:30pmHandy's Express1734 West Ash StreetJunction City
9/29/2017Beginning at: 7:00amJump Start Travel Center1700 East StreetIola
9/29/2017Beginning at: 11:00amQuinter Pit Stop1200 Castle Rock StreetQuinter
9/29/2017Beginning at: 11:00amKwik Shop 792277 South Ridge RoadWichita
9/29/2017Beginning at: 11:00amLakeview Amoco3000 SouthEast Croco RoadTopeka
9/29/2017Beginning at: 11:30amPete's 30116 South 32nd StreetParsons
9/29/2017Beginning at: 11:30amPete's 26 2110 South Santa Fe StreetChanute
9/29/2017Beginning at: 12:00pm4th & Whiteside Station828 West 4th AvenueHutchinson
9/29/2017Beginning at: 12:00pmShort Stop 189 East MainCouncil Grove
9/29/2017Beginning at: 12:00pmHen House 336900 West 135th StreetOverland Park
9/29/2017Beginning at: 1:00pmDillons 472815 SouthWest 29th StreetTopeka
9/29/2017Beginning at: 1:00pmKwik Shop 712305 West Schilling RoadSalina
9/29/2017Beginning at: 2:30pmDillons 951235 East Cloud StreetSalina
9/29/2017Beginning at: 3:00pmPete's 25709 North State StreetIola
9/29/2017Beginning at: 4:00pmDillons 742350 Planet AvenueSalina
9/29/2017Beginning at: 5:00pmSanta Fe Liquor400 East MainCouncil Grove
10/6/2017Beginning at: 3:00pmBigs Bar & Grill7011 West Central Suite 135Wichita
10/7/201710am-9pmBarktoberFest7710 Renner RoadShawnee
10/20/2017During EventKansas Speedway NASCARKansas SpeedwayKansas City

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