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DATE: Friday, August 8, 2014
CONTACT: Sally Lunsford 785-296-5708

Some Lucky Keno Players will win Double Prizes August 10-23

The Kansas Lottery is once again giving its players a chance to double their Keno prizes for a limited time only! From August 10 through August 23, some Keno tickets will be designated KENO DOUBLER tickets. Prizes won on these KENO DOUBLER tickets will be doubled. (Some exceptions apply.*)

A player will know if he or she has a KENO DOUBLER ticket because it will have a message on it identifying it as a KENO DOUBLER ticket. Additionally, special music will play on the lottery terminal when a KENO DOUBLER ticket is printed.

KENO DOUBLER tickets will automatically be generated each time a predetermined number of tickets are printed. To have a chance of receiving a KENO DOUBLER ticket, players must purchase Keno tickets between the beginning of business August 10 (5 a.m.) and the close of business on August 23 (2 a.m. August 24).  Bull's-Eye and multi-draw purchases will be included in the promotion. 

The first time the Kansas Lottery conducted a KENO DOUBLER promotion was March 12-23, 2014. During that promotion, more than 2,400 Keno prizes were doubled, totaling more than $37,000.

Keno is a monitor game in which 20 numbers out of 80 are drawn every 4 minutes. Players have a great deal of flexibility in the game - choosing how many "Spots" to play, amount of the wager and number of consecutive games. They also have the option of playing Bull's-eye, giving them a chance to win larger prizes.  How to Play Keno.

In addition to watching Keno drawings on monitors at some Kansas Lottery retailer locations, players can watch drawings on the Kansas Lottery website at Keno Drawings.

*KENO DOUBLER prizes will be doubled, except for progressive jackpots on the 6 of 6 spot, 7 of 7 spot and 8 of 8 spot Keno, and the 10 of 10 spot tickets, and the 6-pack Sampler Keno ticket.



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