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DATE: Thursday, July 17, 2014
CONTACT: Sally Lunsford 785-296-5708

Kansas Lottery Sales Set New Record in FY 2014

The Kansas Lottery set a new record for sales of traditional lottery products in Fiscal Year 2014. Lottery sales in Fiscal Year 2014 (July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014) were$246,409,087(unaudited). That was just ahead of the previous record of $246,144,512 set in Fiscal Year 2012 and up nearly $1 million from last year.

"We are very grateful to our players for helping us achieve a record year," said Kansas Lottery Executive Director Terry Presta. "Recognition also goes to the Kansas Lottery staff and lottery retailers across the state, who work hard every day to provide fun and exciting entertainment for our players. We're already looking forward to next year with its new games and opportunities."

Here's a breakdown of FY14 sales, by game, compared to FY13 sales:

Game Type
FY14 Sales
Thru 6.30.14
FY13 Sales
Thru 6.30.13
% Change
Instants and Pull Tabs $134,737,954 $128,146,402      5.14%
Powerball     41,305,959     52,054,797   -20.65%
Mega Millions     16,758,706     10,389,089    61.31%
Hot Lotto       7,368,317       7,440,836     -0.97%
Super Kansas Cash     13,008,560     13,388,882     -2.84%
Pick 3       5,990,759       5,823,707      2.87%
Keno     19,086,066     20,465,130     -6.74%
Raffle       3,521,940       3,276,780      7.48%
2by2       1,826,953       1,691,050      8.04%
Kansas Hold'Em       2,803,874       2,894,281     -3.12%
    TOTALS $246,409,087 $245,570,954      0.34%

Presta, who became Kansas Lottery Executive Director in January 2014, is especially pleased with the healthy increase in sales of instants and pull tabs. "This is our largest sales category, and also the products we can best control through careful ticket selection and merchandising at retail locations," said Presta.

One of the brightest spots in the numbers is a new yearly record for Kansas Lottery Veterans Benefit games. From the sale of these special $1 and $2 scratch tickets, the Lottery transferred a record $1,795,054 directly to state programs that provide benefits to Kansas military veterans. 

The Kansas Lottery paid out $139,758,403 in prizes in FY14, and paid its approximately 1,800 retailers $14,055,664 in commissions.

Together, the traditional Kansas Lottery and state-owned and -operated casino gambling generated $152.2 million in transfers to the State in Fiscal Year 2014.  Of that, $74.3 million came from traditional Lottery operations, and $77.9 million was generated through state-owned and -operated casino gaming.

Fiscal Year 2014 saw the second full year of operations for both Kansas Star and Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway. Boot Hill is in its fifth year. In addition to $77.9 million in total transfers to the State from the casinos, $10.6 million went to local units of government and $7.06 million to the Problem Gambling & Addictions Grant Fund.

Here is the distribution of revenue at Boot Hill Casino & Resort in Dodge City in FY14:

ADJUSTED NET REVENUE AS OF JUNE 30, 2014: $39,906,275

Distribution Percentage
Casino Manager              73%    $29,131,581     
State of Kansas              22%        8,779,381
Problem Gambling & Addictions Grant Fund                 2%           798,125
City of Dodge City             1.5%           598,594
Ford County             1.5%           598,594


Here is the distribution of revenue at Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane in FY14:

ADJUSTED NET REVENUE AS OF JUNE 30, 2014: $181,079,650 

Distribution Percentage
Casino Manager            73%    $131,933,117   
State of Kansas            22%        40,092,550
Problem Gambling & Addictions Grant Fund             2%          3,621,593
City of Mulvane             1%          1,810,797
Sumner County             1%          1,810,797
Sedgwick County             1%          1,810,797


Here is the distribution of revenue at Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Kansas, in FY14:

ADJUSTED NET REVENUE AS OF JUNE 30, 2014: $132,036,392

Distribution Percentage
Casino Manager             73%    $96,386,566   
State of Kansas             22%      29,048,006
Problem Gambling & Addictions Grant Fund              2%        2,640,728
Unified Government              3%        3,961,092

Where Does the Money Go?

Traditional Lottery Revenue
Traditional lottery revenue goes into the State Gaming Revenues Fund. On a yearly basis, the first $50 million is divided by a formula which first transfers $80,000 to the Problem Gambling and Addictions Grant Fund. Then 85 percent of the balance is transferred to the Economic Development Initiatives Fund, 10 percent to the Correctional Institutions Building Fund, and 5 percent to the Juvenile Detention Facilities Fund. Any receipts in excess of $50 million must be transferred to the State General Fund.

The Economic Development Initiatives Fund supports state programs that create and retain jobs in Kansas. Those programs include the Rural Opportunity Zones Program, programs of Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks, Aviation Training and Equipment at Wichita State University and many more.

Proceeds from the sale of the Kansas Lottery's Veterans games go directly to programs that benefit Kansas military veterans like the Veterans Enhanced Service Delivery Program which brings services to veterans where they live, National Guard scholarships and Kansas Veterans Homes.

For more information on how Kansas Lottery revenue is used, visit Where the Money Goes,  and Economic Development Initiatives Fund.

Expanded Lottery (Casino) Revenue

The 2007 Kansas Expanded Lottery Act created the Expanded Lottery Act Revenues Fund (ELARF). The State's share of revenue from state-owned and -operated casino gaming is transferred from the ELARF for purposes of reduction of state debt, state infrastructure improvements and reduction of local ad valorem tax; and/or for other purposes as directed by the Kansas Legislature, such as Kan-Grow Engineering Funds at state universities and the reduction of unfunded actuarial liability of the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS).

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