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Project funded by Lottery dollars.

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Proceeds from the Kansas Lottery support activities of the Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs, including an exciting new outreach effort called the "Veterans Enhanced Service Delivery Program." The Lottery provides direct funding to this and other programs through the sales of our special veterans benefit games.

Date:Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Contact:Sally Lunsford, (785) 296-5708 or

Thank you for purchasing the Kansas Lottery's special veterans games!  Your purchases help provide valuable resources for our Kansas military veterans.  A new program currently being "rolled out" by the Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs will reach out to veterans and their families unable to travel to the nearest KCVA field office.  This "help on wheels" will be provided by two new Mobile Offices traveling throughout northwestern and southwestern Kansas.  The Mobile Offices will help veterans, their dependents and survivors apply for earned federal and state benefits, as well as offer remote access and information on a wide range of other government services. 

Veterans Lottery Banner"The lottery dollars derived for this important program allow the Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs to stretch our reach to Kansas veterans in all 105 counties," said Jack Fowler, Executive Director of the Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs. "There's really no substitute for 'Boots on the Ground' help. We've been trying to do this for years - to reach veterans and their families where we haven't been able to reach them before."

The Mobile Offices were delivered to the Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs in February and four Veterans Service Representatives were hired to staff the units.  The units will be based in Dodge City and Hays, and will provide services to veterans in hundreds of small communities, where veterans don't have easy access to the Veterans Administration or a veterans service office.  Each unit is marked with "Kansas Enhanced Veterans Services," the seals of the various military branches, and a banner which reads, "Funded by Veterans Lottery Ticket Sales."

"The Kansas Lottery is in the eighth year of providing direct funding for veterans programs with our special veterans tickets," said Kansas Lottery Executive Director Ed Van Petten. "We are incredibly honored that lottery proceeds are helping bring vital services to Kansas veterans and their families."

For more information on the Mobile Offices or to schedule a stop in your town, contact Eric Rohleder, Enhanced Mobile Delivery Program Supervisor, Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs, 785-625-8532 or e-mail him at

Through Fiscal Year 2010, the Kansas Lottery had transferred more than $6.5 million to veterans programs through the sale of veterans games. In addition to supporting the Veterans Enhanced Service Delivery Program, the Kansas Lottery provides funding for Kansas National Guard Education Assistance Act Scholarships and Kansas Veterans Homes.  

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