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Project funded by Lottery dollars.

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The From the Land of Kansas state agricultural trademark program located in the Kansas Department of Agriculture is a recipient of funding from the Economic Development Initiatives Fund (EDIF), which is derived from Kansas Lottery proceeds.  Pet Delights, a home-based company started by two sisters from Topeka, is using From the Land of Kansas to help market its homemade pet products.

Date:Thursday, June 13, 2013
Contact:Sally Lunsford, 785-296-5708 or

Pet Delights

 As sisters, Vicki Williams and Patti Wilson share a lot, including a home-based business near Topeka called Pet Delights. As the name suggests, their products are created to delight dogs and cats.  That would especially apply to their homemade gourmet treats, which include doggie birthday cakes, hand-dipped biscuits, and holiday and party cookies.

"Our treats have many of the same natural ingredients found in the goodies people eat," explained Williams. "The main difference is they don't have sugar. Instead, we use honey or molasses as a sweetener. Our products also have much less sodium than people treats."Pet Delights biscuits

In addition to gourmet pet treats, Williams and Wilson also make custom collars, comfort harnesses, leashes, and a variety of pet toys.  Shoppers can purchase Pet Delights products at a few high-end pet stores in the Kansas City and Lawrence areas, as well as Craftee-Crafters Mall and Barb's Country Barn in Topeka.

The sisters have been in business since 2007 and are ready to expand.  They're taking advantage of theFrom the Land of Kansasprogram with the hope of creating new wholesale accounts and extending their product reach.

"The program gives us the opportunity to be part of Kansas product displays in stores that we might not be able to sell in otherwise," Williams said. "We'd also like to look into exporting our products to international customers and are looking for some assistance in that area."

Pet Delights storeThe Kansas Department of Agriculture has worked the past two years to rebrand and structure the From the Land of Kansasprogram, which offers domestic and international marketing and promotional benefits to members. Members include farmers and ranchers, manufacturers and processors, agritourism businesses, value-added agricultural products, and for the first time ever, restaurants.  For more information on From the Land of Kansas, call (785) 296-6080 or visit

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