Pantry Shelf of Hutchinson, From the Land of Kansas Company, benefits from Lottery Proceeds

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Project funded by Lottery dollars.

Nat and Barb Wilkinson, Pantry Shelf

The From the Land of Kansas state agricultural trademark program is a recipient of funding from the Economic Development Initiatives Fund (EDIF), which is derived from Kansas Lottery proceeds.

Date:Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Contact:Sally Lunsford, 785-296-5708 or

Pantry Shelf is a dry mix manufacturer in Hutchinson.  They sell their own retail brands as well as produce private label products for corporate customers.  Nat Wilkinson and his mother Barb are co-owners of Pantry Shelf.  Natives of Michigan, the Wilkinsons decided to leave the company in Kansas after purchasing it in 2008.  They say part of the reason they left Pantry Shelf in Kansas is because of the From the Land of Kansas program.

"They hit trade shows with you and give you a lot of general support when it comes to increasing business abroad and in the United States," said Barb Wilkinson, Pantry Shelf Co-Owner, praising the state trademark program.Pantry Shelf was one of four Kansas specialty food companies traveling to New York City recently for the Fancy Food Show. Featured at the Kansas Pavilion, the From the Land of Kansas companies were among more than 2,000 exhibitors at the show.   The Wilkinsons gave away several thousand samples at the show and made contacts that will help grow their businesses.

Pantry Shelf ProductsThe Wilkinsons say they're moving towards doing combo packs.  Thaniels, another brand developed by Nat Wilkinson, has a pizza product that includes both a dough mix and sauce. The idea is to make their products taste homemade, but still be convenient for today's busy consumers.

"It's easy, but it has a different feel than if you bought it in the frozen food section," said Pantry Shelf Co-owner Nat Wilkinson.

While Pantry Shelf sells many dry mixes…pancakes, muffins, cupcakes, and lots more…under the Pantry Shelf name, many of the products they produce have someone else's name on them.

"A lot of high-end stores, chains, I can't say who they are, but we've had products in a lot of mass market stores, such as Macy's and Target, even found our products in Office Max one time," reported Nat Wilkinson. "There's a good chance people have eaten our products and they just have no idea they have."

The Wilkinsons employ about 15 people at their Hutchinson facility. Theirs is a great example of a family-owned Kansas company benefitting from participation in the From the Land of Kansas program, a program lottery players support through purchases of Kansas Lottery tickets. Let's keep those great From the Land of Kansas companies on the move! Pantry Shelf Assembly 

 For more information about the From the Land of Kansas state agricultural trademark program, visit From the Land of Kansas  or phone 785-296-6080.

For more information about Pantry Shelf in Hutchinson, visit the company's website Pantry Shelf in Hutchinson or phone 620-662-9342. You can order products on the website or by phone.

To see a list of various programs benefitting from revenues derived from Lottery proceeds, please visit the Economic Development section of the Kansas Lottery website or phone 785-296-5700.

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