Pick 3

There are TWO daily drawings. Drawings are held at approximately 1:10PM and 9:10PM seven days a week. You have until 12:59p.m. to purchase tickets for the Midday drawing. You have until 8:59p.m. to purchase tickets for the Evening drawing.

February Monthly Promotion

Pick 3 —Number of Winners

    Friday, September 29, 2017   Evening   0-6-2

Matched In:
Prize Level
$1 Winners
$1 Winners
Exact Order$5001
Any Order$80 (6-way box)
$160 (3-way box)

Total Exact Order $1 Winners= 1
Total Any Order $1 Winners= 25
Total Winners For This Draw= 26
Total Dollar Amount Players Won This Draw= $2,500.00

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