Retail Selling Price $2.00
Win Up To $10,000.00

Game Start Date: 08/07/2014

How To Play:

  • 1. Scratch the 24 "Caller's Numbers". Scratch all corresponding "Caller's Numbers" on Bingo cards 1 through 4.
  • 2. Each BINGO CARD on the front of the ticket has a corresponding prize legend.
  • 3. Each of the 4 BINGO CARDS will have 1 "FREE" space. The "FREE" space may be counted as numbers to form winning patterns.
  • You win on any of the BINGO CARDS 1 through 4 if you create a winning pattern.
  • Line - Five consecutive numbers form a complete horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. The "FREE" space symbol may be counted as a matching number.
  • 4 Corners - Numbers fill in all four corners.
  • X - Numbers form an "X" by completing two diagonal lines that run from corner to corner and cross in the middle. The "FREE" space symbol may be counted as a matching number.
  • Twisted W - Numbers and "FREE" spaces complete the "TWIST" pattern identified in pink.
  • NOTE - You may win more than one prize on this ticket but you cannot win more than one prize on each Bingo Card. I.E. A winner with an "X" does not also win 4 corners or line prizes.

Prizes Include:


Overall odds of winning are 1 in 4.06.

See your favorite Kansas Lottery retailer for this and many other instant scratch games.

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