Retail Selling Price $20.00
Win Up To $150,000.00
WIN UP TO $150,000

Game Start Date: 09/12/2016

How To Play:

  • Scratch entire CALL LETTERS area to reveal 20 CALL LETTERS.
  • For each letter revealed in the CALL LETTERS area, scratch the same letter each time it is found in PUZZLE 1,2 & 3 grids and the BONUS WORDS.
  • In each PUZZLE, if you reveal 3 or more complete WORDS, win prize shown in the PRIZE LEGEND for that same PUZZLE. NOTE: EACH PUZZLE PLAYS SEPARATELY.
  • Completed words on PUZZLE 1 cannot be combined with completed words on PUZZLE 2 or PUZZLE 3 to win a higher prize.
  • The entire word must be uncovered to win corresponding prize.
  • Only highest corresponding prize can be won. In each CROSSWORD PUZZLE, every lettered square within an unbroken horizontal or vertical sequence must be matched with a CALL LETTER to be considered a complete "word".
  • Words within words are not eligible for a prize.
  • If you reveal a complete BONUS WORD, win PRIZE shown for that same BONUS WORD.
  • Each: PUZZLE and each BONUS WORD is played separately.
  • Only the highest prize won is paid per PUZZLE. NOTE: The BONUS WORD cannot be combined with PUZZLE 1, PUZZLE 2 or PUZZLE 3 words to win a higher prize.

Prizes Include:

150,000.00 0
100,000.00 0
1,000.00 16
100.00 209
80.00 467
60.00 809
30.00 3,331
20.00 6,118
Free Ticket 2,580

Overall odds of winning are 1 in 2.34.

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